Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help with our various Children's programs.  According to our Safe Sanctuary policy you will need to complete a back ground check (to be repeated every 3 years) and the Safe Sanctuary Certification process (to be completed annually) developed by the United Methodist Church.

             In order to complete the certification process you will need to watch the attached six videos and complete the attached Safe Sanctuary quiz.  Upon completion of the quiz you will be given the option to save or print a certificate of completion.  This will be used to verify completion of the Safe Sanctuary training.  

             Background check information can be found in the attached Safe Sanctuary policy link provided.  If you would prefer to receive a printed copy please contact the church office.  (The information cannot be filled out online at this time.  You will need to print from the attached link.)

             Once completed, the Safe Sanctuary Certificate of Completion and the background check information, located in the policy, will need to be turned into the office.  This will compete your Safe Sanctuary Certification.

Safe Sanctuary Certification Videos